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KELLERDENALI is an Alberta construction company with offices in Edmonton and Calgary, and projects that stretch across Western Canada. For 50 years we have attracted talent and maintained a nurturing culture where autonomy and project ownership is enabled. People are recognized for their strengths, mentored by a strong employee tenure, and given the opportunity to excel in their careers.

We listen to the expectations of skilled people and grow our expertise on the passion and commitment they bring to work everyday.

Wade-Sware1Superintendent Profile – Wade Sware

What is your background? How did find out about KELLERDENALI?

  • I’ve been in the construction business for forty years building gas stations, retail outlets, warehouses, etc. My brother-in-law introduced me to the position of Superintendent at KELLERDENALI twelve years ago, and I have enjoyed my work here from day one.

Tell me about your experience working at KELLERDENALI.

  • Everyone is great to work with, and communication is always strong. Even when they were moving offices, the transition was smooth, and there was never a break in communication. Internal culture extends out into the field. The fresh new look of the company and the office makes it a great place to work.

Why do you choose to stay working at KELLERDENALI?

  • Good communication. Project management is organized with good communication, and safety is always first priority.
  • They treat me fairly. They have a benefits program and a pension plan, which I didn’t have in the past.
  • No day repeats itself. Each job brings a different challenge, and every region I work in, whether it is in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver, has different restrictions and rules–it keeps the job interesting.
  • Mentorship is important to me. Often I will get a second year or a third year apprentice to tell me how they would carry out a project, and then I share my reasoning for making the same or different choices. Good quality work is important to carry on in a company, and mentorship is key to achieving that.

What does a superintendent do?

  • My responsibilities day to day involve keeping the site safe and organized. I work alongside the foreman, coordinate field work with the project manager, and respond to and communicate with our clients.

What has been your favorite project, so far, at KELLERDENALI?

  • We worked on a job for Canadian Western Bank in St. Albert. The architectural features of this building were more extravagant than usual, and included a thirty foot ceiling over the conference room. Seeing the project on paper and carrying out that vision in construction is very rewarding. Variations on architectural features are there so the new project blends with the style of the already existing buildings.

If you were to say one thing about starting or continuing a career as a superintendent, what would it be?

  • Communication is a key to being successful in my job, and at KELLERDENALI there is always a sense of family that stands behind the success of every project. Being able to get along easily with both office personnel and my team in the field makes for a great work experience every day.

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