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P-Ban Enterprise | Case Study

The Client

P-Ban was in search of a construction company to help them with an issue central to most Western Canadian businesses: Room to grow. In 18 years, P-Ban became the largest concrete pumping, placing, and finishing company in Northern Alberta. Their custom work includes restoring and preserving industrial and commercial services with high quality coatings.

Client Need

In Fort McMurray, P-Ban’s office had been at capacity for some time, and they did not have room to house their assets; their trucks and equipment lived out on a main road in front of the shop, and in the alley at the rear.

For P-Ban, a metal building design build was a cost-effective solution in which they could accommodate their shopping list of needs and be able to grow their business.

Scope of Work

  • Budgeting - KELLERDENALI worked with P-Ban to estimate cash flow projections, and advised on the needs of the chosen financial institution.
  • Logistics and functionality - every detail was measured, calculated, including accommodating the turning radius of a 14-foot concrete truck, and best ways to access the building and bays from the road, with large equipment.
  • Design-build - P-Ban gave us the list. We assembled drawings, accommodating everything from desired number of bays to bathrooms, a building height that could house their equipment, and esthetics, such as paint color, number of windows, and brick overlay.

Project Outcome

A LEED certified metal building where employees can wash and prepare their trucks, and safely house them at night, as well as offices and meeting rooms P-Ban can grow into, with a comfortable setting for their present and future employees.

Client Win

Despite Wood Buffalo being in the early stages of writing municipality policies and procedures for infrastructure and growth, KELLERDENALI with P-Ban committed to getting the project off the ground, and were persistent in moving the design and permitting forward to get the job done before the winter came.

Structurally, a metal building is virtually maintenance free. Metal building construction draws a strong correlation between functionality, practicality and bottom line.

Free reign for business growth; P-Ban no longer has to worry about where to put one more desk, or one more truck, when it comes time to expand the business.