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Perron Courtyard | Case Study


What began as a bit of an eye sore, an old parking lot in the heart of downtown St. Albert, became one of the City’s most recognizable buildings: Perron Courtyard.

Client Need

The client envisioned replacing the dirty parking lot with a new, cost-effective building that would attract boutique business owners, and give St. Albert’s residents a reason to be proud of their downtown.

Scope of Work

  • Budgeting - KELLERDENALI worked with our network of trades to make the project possible.
  • Value engineering - We reviewed the design and architecture and offered alternate materials and construction methods to decrease costs of building and increase the life span of the building.

Project Outcome

Perron Courtyard is a positive addition to the City, housing businesses and services that have created a shopping destination and downtown vibe to be enjoyed by patrons.

Client Win

The building was built and turned over on time which allowed the anchor tenant to keep their schedule. With an anchor tenant already secured, the building design and architecture attracts businesses to lease the remaining space.

Cost savings were sought out and realized during the pre-construction and tendering period. This related to a lower building cost, which translated into more competitive lease rates.

Giving back to the community. The courtyard is a highlight of the property as it invites the locals and passersby to sit and enjoy all that Perron Courtyard has to offer.