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Petro-Canada/A&W | Case Study

The Client

For any business, a day without sales is a day of lost revenue. For Suncor’s Petro-Canada, opening a retail service station with an A&W offering and an adjacent wholesale service station before year end was in the business plan.

Client Need

To have the building ready for business in a short construction window, a few issues threatened project deadline: construction drawings were not ready and Grande Prairie was experiencing a labour shortage. And then the rain came; five years worth in the space of a summer, and a six week construction hiatus.

Scope of Work

  • Budgeting - KELLERDENALI worked with the client to establish cash flow projections based on equipment and materials for the job.
  • Construction Management - Over the last 30 years, petroleum systems have changed and improved. Construction included double-wall fibre-glass tank installation and laying double-wall piping, and incorporating petroleum systems used for leak detection.


With an established, trusting client relationship in place and an experienced team on board, KELLERDENALI forged ahead with the foundation of the gas station before the drawings were complete. To finish the job on time, and avoid labour shortage at crucial moments, scheduling had to be precise to the day. Because of that, for the first time ever, Petro-Canada opened their retail gas station and restaurant offering, in this case A&W, on the same day, and all in time for the Christmas season.

Client Win

In-house expertise led to project completion in a short construction window: KELLERDENALI’s experience in the petroleum industry and long-standing, trusting relationship with Petro-Canada/Suncor enabled them to fast-track construction.

Sticking to a strict construction schedule and having two-week advanced scheduling attracts a nucleus of trade partners who stay connected with KELLERDENALI; we are always working with people who hold a job well-done in high esteem.

Astute project management ensured all team members were on the same page so they could drive to the finish line after six weeks of bad weather.